KALA News Today Headlines – Nov. 7, 2019

KALA News Today Headlines – Nov. 7, 2019

QUAD CITIES (KALA) — Future flood plans in Davenport, Veteran’s Day closures, and a Veteran’s Day program are today’s KALA News Today Headlines.

In Davenport, steps are being put in place based on the Mayor’s Flood Task Force. This can include recommendations for ways to mitigate flood measures and the financial repercussions of keeping River Dr. open during floods. 

City staff has contracted the Corps of Engineers’ Silver Jackets program to make a Floodplain Challenges and Opportunities model. That means they’ll make a report that talks about the social and economic factors, as well as name areas for traditional or out-of-the-box flood mitigation needs.

One of the most visible after-action activities is to remove the medians on River Dr. between Perry and Iowa. That will begin next Wed. For more information, please visit the City of Davenport website.

We would like to remind you that Veteran’s Day is on Monday, and that may affect local businesses. Some city offices are closed. Depending on your city, some services will be delayed a day, like in Davenport. Solid waste, recycling, and yard waste collection will start again on Tuesday. However, in Moline, garbage and recycling pickup will remain on the normal schedule.

East Moline’s American Legion Post 227 has a special Veteran’s Day program planned for Monday. It’s taking place at 1 p.m. at 829 16th Ave in East Moline. The program includes a special public art installation.

In preparation for Veteran’s Day, we at KALA would like to thank those who served on our behalf. Thank you for your service.

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